God’s Timing Is Perfect-2


Now for my next example of how God, my heavenly Father, has shown He helps me in the most perfect ways at the perfect time. It’s not only those big, noticeable events God molds perfectly for us to go through. It’s not only those that stand out to the world, plans that show a huge sign with the words ‘This is from God’ plastered in neon for all to see. No. I like to say that God’s timings are perfect even in those small, minute ways that take place in our day-to-day affairs. We all need to remember that those daily, little things don’t just happen. (#1)

A few years ago, I wanted to surprise my husband, Chris, on our twenty-fifth anniversary. I had made a video filled with pictures, videos, and music to help us reminisce on all those years together. Ideally, I wanted to surprise him with the video in our hotel room someone had gifted us to stay at. But how could I surprise him with it? Many thoughts dashed back and forth that morning before the hotel stay while he was at work.
Major pondering began.

I know. I’ll somehow set it up in our hotel room and, at the right time, say something like ‘Let’s see what’s on TV’. but how would I set it up without Chris noticing, and what if there’s not even a DVD player in that hotel room? This has got to work out somehow.

A few hours before Chris would be off work, he called.
“Hi, honey. I’m almost done with this project here at work, but I might be a bit late getting home,” he explained. “I have to get this project 100 percent done before we leave,”

A few hours went by before another call.

“Um. sorry, honey, but it’s taking a lot longer than planned.”
After running through a few ideas, we decided it would be best if he just met me at the hotel.
“Oh, I’ll be fine, honey. Don’t worry,” I replied, doing my best to stay calm and not sound excited that I had to go by myself. “I agree. It’s best at least one of us shows up before it’s 6:00. Don’t worry. I’ll be fine.”
I was more than fine. I was floating!
Happy to say, it all worked out perfectly. It sure wasn’t easy, mind you. I had to get the right person there to help bring in a DVD player they had available. Then, on my own, I had to figure out the right channel and whatnots to have the TV work right for it to show. Man, was that hard. Finally, it was ready. A few minutes later, after I had enough time to get that stressed look off my face, thanking God for it all to have been doable, I heard Chris give a little knock on the door before walking in. God must have been grinning, too, as I sure was.

It turned out that next morning, waiting for our breakfast to be brought to our room, I finally got to say “So, honey, why don’t we see what’s on while waiting? Here. I’ll turn it on.”tv-25
You should have seen his face when that video popped up. That surprised look was well worth all the effort.

What was more important was how God made it all work out better than I expected! That one simple event proved to me, again, that God’s timing is perfect, even if it is just to help you throw a little surprise for someone you love.

Psalm 37:4
Delight yourself also in the Lord, and He shall give you the desires of your heart.

#1 Click here to read my last piece showing a bit more how serious of a time can be when God showed me His timing Is perfect.



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