God’s Timing Is Perfect -1


My journal writings often show the same four words: God’s timing is perfect.

He has proven that fact to me in many ways, and I often can’t help but jot down in my journal what took place, causing me to feel that yet again.  The main event which planted that fact in my heart I’ve already shared in my blog called God’s Timing is Perfect which begins my encephalitic story. (*1)

Being that I often see His perfect timing, I’ve decided to share a few of those times here on a routine basis. Why? To keep in your mind that, no matter what, God is there.

We may not always understand why God allows certain things to happen to us, our families, or our friends, but we can be certain of one thing: He’s not making any mistakes.

The one I’m sharing now happened exactly five years ago, in 2012. Here’s what I wrote in my journal.

Jan 15, 2012

Sure, I could talk about how scared I was when we got into a fender-bender today, a few minutes after we got off the freeway, after snow had been falling for a while. But no. I’d rather talk about God’s gracious planning for us not to be two seconds ahead on that street, because if we had been, I would either be in a hospital or, gulp, perhaps dead. A car that slid down a hill couldn’t stop, and we were driving right toward the bottom of that hill. The car went past right in front of us, and its back end rubbed up against our front left. But if we were one second earlier – BAM! It would have totally run into the passenger side where…I WAS THE PASSENGER! Throughout the entire ordeal, God continued to show us His kindness and His perfect timing. A policeman was right behind us when it happened, so no need to wait for one to show up in that freezing weather. I’m so glad to be here to write about this. Thank You, God.

Whenever I remember that event, I thank God for His perfect timing He often reveals right in front of me.  (And in this story, literally) For meclock 1, it proved once again, God’s timing is perfect. 

Romans 8:28  – And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.

#1 – Click here to read the start of my illness/encephalitis story.



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