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God’s Timing Is Perfect-2


Now for my next example of how God, my heavenly Father, has shown He helps me in the most perfect ways at the perfect time. It’s not only those big, noticeable events God molds perfectly for us to go through. It’s not only those that stand out to the world, plans that show a huge sign with the words ‘This is from God’ plastered in neon for all to see. No. I like to say that God’s timings are perfect even in those small, minute ways that take place in our day-to-day affairs. We all need to remember that those daily, little things don’t just happen. (#1)

A few years ago, I wanted to surprise my husband, Chris, on our twenty-fifth anniversary. I had made a video filled with pictures, videos, and music to help us reminisce on all those years together. Ideally, I wanted to surprise him with the video in our hotel room someone had gifted us to stay at. But how could I surprise him with it? Many thoughts dashed back and forth that morning before the hotel stay while he was at work.
Major pondering began.

I know. I’ll somehow set it up in our hotel room and, at the right time, say something like ‘Let’s see what’s on TV’. but how would I set it up without Chris noticing, and what if there’s not even a DVD player in that hotel room? This has got to work out somehow.

A few hours before Chris would be off work, he called.
“Hi, honey. I’m almost done with this project here at work, but I might be a bit late getting home,” he explained. “I have to get this project 100 percent done before we leave,”

A few hours went by before another call.

“Um. sorry, honey, but it’s taking a lot longer than planned.”
After running through a few ideas, we decided it would be best if he just met me at the hotel.
“Oh, I’ll be fine, honey. Don’t worry,” I replied, doing my best to stay calm and not sound excited that I had to go by myself. “I agree. It’s best at least one of us shows up before it’s 6:00. Don’t worry. I’ll be fine.”
I was more than fine. I was floating!
Happy to say, it all worked out perfectly. It sure wasn’t easy, mind you. I had to get the right person there to help bring in a DVD player they had available. Then, on my own, I had to figure out the right channel and whatnots to have the TV work right for it to show. Man, was that hard. Finally, it was ready. A few minutes later, after I had enough time to get that stressed look off my face, thanking God for it all to have been doable, I heard Chris give a little knock on the door before walking in. God must have been grinning, too, as I sure was.

It turned out that next morning, waiting for our breakfast to be brought to our room, I finally got to say “So, honey, why don’t we see what’s on while waiting? Here. I’ll turn it on.”tv-25
You should have seen his face when that video popped up. That surprised look was well worth all the effort.

What was more important was how God made it all work out better than I expected! That one simple event proved to me, again, that God’s timing is perfect, even if it is just to help you throw a little surprise for someone you love.

Psalm 37:4
Delight yourself also in the Lord, and He shall give you the desires of your heart.

#1 Click here to read my last piece showing a bit more how serious of a time can be when God showed me His timing Is perfect.


Two Phone Calls That Showed Me God’s Plan.


God used my unplanned pregnancy to teach me an important fact:

God will use an unanswered phone call to show you He has plans.

Time to look back 30 years at what feels like yesterday. I will continue what took place after that 4th of July eye opening thought that I shared in an older blog: Wondering if I was (gulp) pregnant. (*1)

No. I can’t be thinking this. Am I? Could I be? This question shouldn’t even be here.

My fearful thoughts were soaking my pillow.  I’m different!  I’m a Christian now.  I can’t be! Can I? No. I’m only 19 and living at home. I have great career plans and…and no, I can’t. God, I pleaded for your forgiveness so…so why would you allow this to be possible? I can’t be pregnant.

Twenty million of those thoughts had me rolling over on my pillow, left and right, left and right. My pillow must have felt like screaming, “Be still Marianne!” 

A few days later, after making sure my parents were gone, I grabbed the Yellow Pages and ran to my room. Back in 1986, phone numbers could only be found in the good old yellow pages. 

I can’t believe I’m doing this. I can’t believe I need one. I guess I’ll look under ‘Pregnancy Test.’ How about this larger typed name—Planned Parenthood. This sure wasn’t planned, but I guess I have to plan something.

That was the first one I noticed. After all, that’s what the bold wording is supposed to do, right? Make you notice. Well, it worked. I was so nervous pressing those numbers.

Ring, ring. Ring, ring. ….Ring, ring. Ring, ring.


Hmmm. No answer. Darn it. I’ll try another one. Let’s see. Flipping backwards a bit through the phone book I went, Crisis Pregnancy Center. This sure is a crisis for me if I’m pregnant. I have to try this one.

Ring, ring. Ring, ring.


Oh, please. Oh, please be open! PLEASE be op…

“Hello. Crisis Pregnancy Center. How can I help you?”

To be continued. 

*1 – Click hear to read how my unplanned pregnancy story began.


Marianne Petersen is a former volunteer at a local pregnancy help organization and is actively involved in her local pro-life community. She is also a member of Northwest Christian Writers Association and author of a forthcoming memoir, God and My Pillow. You can follow Marianne on Twitter at @7winnipoops7 and read more at her blog,

God’s Timing Is Perfect -1


My journal writings often show the same four words: God’s timing is perfect.

He has proven that fact to me in many ways, and I often can’t help but jot down in my journal what took place, causing me to feel that yet again.  The main event which planted that fact in my heart I’ve already shared in my blog called God’s Timing is Perfect which begins my encephalitic story. (*1)

Being that I often see His perfect timing, I’ve decided to share a few of those times here on a routine basis. Why? To keep in your mind that, no matter what, God is there.

We may not always understand why God allows certain things to happen to us, our families, or our friends, but we can be certain of one thing: He’s not making any mistakes.

The one I’m sharing now happened exactly five years ago, in 2012. Here’s what I wrote in my journal.

Jan 15, 2012

Sure, I could talk about how scared I was when we got into a fender-bender today, a few minutes after we got off the freeway, after snow had been falling for a while. But no. I’d rather talk about God’s gracious planning for us not to be two seconds ahead on that street, because if we had been, I would either be in a hospital or, gulp, perhaps dead. A car that slid down a hill couldn’t stop, and we were driving right toward the bottom of that hill. The car went past right in front of us, and its back end rubbed up against our front left. But if we were one second earlier – BAM! It would have totally run into the passenger side where…I WAS THE PASSENGER! Throughout the entire ordeal, God continued to show us His kindness and His perfect timing. A policeman was right behind us when it happened, so no need to wait for one to show up in that freezing weather. I’m so glad to be here to write about this. Thank You, God.

Whenever I remember that event, I thank God for His perfect timing He often reveals right in front of me.  (And in this story, literally) For meclock 1, it proved once again, God’s timing is perfect. 

Romans 8:28  – And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.

#1 – Click here to read the start of my illness/encephalitis story.

God’s Puzzle Began Making Sense

God’s plans and timing are perfect, as my first blog about my encephalitis shows.  *1

What started as one crazy puzzle seemed to have many pieces thrown all around. Thankfully, however, a few important pieces were obviously put together by God that first day. He knew when and where it was best to place me when I had my seizure, and who was best to have right there with me. That day I left the hospital, eighteen days later, was also perfectly planned.

If you are assuming that God’s plan for me was to be going home that day, with a quick stop at McDonald’s on the way, you are wrong. That stop was on my way to another hospital.

The first hospital I went to was the closest for the ambulance to take me to on that snow-filled day in December. It was there that it was discovered I was, for the most part, physically fine. Much worry still, for they realized that my brain was far from being fine and needed more care. They knew a hospital that specialized in brain damage was a must. The car ride that day—shared in my last blog—was to my next new home, the next hospital where I had to spend a few more weeks.

This part of the story shows, again, how God went the extra mile in planning, with love, this entire ordeal He knew I needed. That second hospital, a forty-five-minute drive from the first hospital, wasn’t even two miles away from Chris’s parents’ home. But that’s not it. They both worked at that hospital! Yes, you read it right. Both his parents worked there. Their hours were very flexible, and both were able to help immensely. I can’t write enough how thankful I am for that simple fact. Dorothy, Chris’s mother, was able to adjust her hours to help watch one or both of our two girls from the start. Their home was the perfect spot for Chris and the girls to spend many nights while I was in that hospital just down the street.

Having been sent to that second hospital showed us that God was putting a few more puzzle pieces together.  It sure felt like it was one huge puzzle, but we were comforted knowing God was the one who made it. 

As I started my next chapter of recovery, God kept His fatherly love right there. Even though the ‘why, God?’ question was still floating around, knowing my brain wasn’t affected nearly as much as it could have been sure helped. And, knowing that God was there helped the most. brainpuzzleillo-worked

We all just hoped He would put that puzzle—me—back together very soon, and that no pieces would be missing.

#1 – Click here to read about when I was hit with Encephalitis.

That Unforgettable Drive


The first week of each new year gets me thinking of what the future holds. And, it also gets me thinking of what’s taken place in the past, specifically during the first week of January in 1991.

The next part of my encephalitis illness story fits perfectly right now.  *1   

Why? Because it was during the first week of January in 1991 that I left my eighteen-day stay at Highline Community Hospital. *2

I was fine physically, but my brain was dealing with remembering a majority of what things were for, or what they were called, and what many words meant. I didn’t have to re-learn so many facts. They were all still in there, but had to be pulled out over and over again in order for me to happily say, “I know that!” Thankfully, though, it would be getting better.

Leaving the hospital on that day, I was nervous, excited, and scared at the same time. Keep in mind how that hospital—because of my illness which caused me to not retain most of what took place in the past—was the only place I could ever recall living in. Leaving that place was starting, for me, one major adventure. My thoughts were filled with questions about everything I saw outside the hospital. I had no idea what life was like on that road ahead.

My husband, Chris, was chaperoning me to our car. As he opened the passenger door, I looked in as if I had never even been in a car.  After looking all around inside, I eventually sat down next to Chris.

“We have this here to keep us safe in the car,” he said. “It’s called a seat belt.”

That was just one of many facts he was warned he’d need to tell me. For Chris, it was all a bit funny, but sad as well, with him wondering if I would be this way from then on.

My head was constantly turning back and forth, looking out the windows while the car was going down that first street. I’ll never forget thinking how all the cars looked so different from one another. It wasn’t long before Chris’s ears were drowning with my repeated three words: What is that? He knew it was best to keep the answers simple, so he tried to explain things in such a way that I could understand. One of the tougher examples was why some streets had weird lights that made you stop, while other streets, called freeways, didn’t make you stop nearly as much.

On one of those freeways I was feeling a bit down, because it started hitting me just how little I knew. That is, however, until I noticed something ahead.  A sign off to the side began getting bigger as we drove closer. A smile on my face began to form. That smile began getting bigger the closer we got to that sign.

“What… what is that up there? It looks… it looks like I know what it is!”  I still can remember how I felt, feeling a sense of hope was found!

“What do you see?” asked Chris. “What looks familiar?”

“The big picture thing over that building. Isn’t that some letter?” I said while pointing, feeling a spark growing inside. “Isn’t that some place where you can get these little, weird, long-shaped things? And then you put this… this liquid stuff on it. It’s a certain color. And isn’t it something people eat?”

My excitement could be heard and seen, as my smile extended from ear to ear.

Chris must have felt like I was some little girl who just thought she saw Santa.

“What are they called, those things with runny stuff on them?” I asked.

“Marianne, that building is a place everyone goes to eat, called McDonald’s. And what you are thinking about is called a french frie, with this red runny stuff you put on it is called ketchup.

My brain was soaking in all he was saying.

“That makes a lot of sense to me now. I sort of remember I loved eating that! Right? Do you think…”

“I’m taking the exit right now to go there.”

Happy as could be, I learned what a drive-through was as we got closer to that big sign which was now right in front of me. And a minute or two later those fries were also right in front of me on my lap. That first bite instantly had me remembered why I remembered that sign. Yum!


To this day, whenever I’m at McDonald’s, I feel this little piece of kid still in me, enjoying that weird red runny stuff on those fries.

*1 –Click here to Read how this entire story began.

*2 – click here to read how this entire story began.