Songs Sure Can Word Things Perfectly


I admit, I think I like songs too much. Wait, I take that back. I know I like songs too much.

Of course the instrumental side of a song means a lot, but it’s the words I’m talking about. Words can often touch me hard, being I’m one who sees how the words apply to what I’ve gone through.

As the years have gone by, I’ve found many songs that fit perfectly in many different ways going through what I did with my first pregnancy, and a few years later with my encephalitis illness. Other tough times I’ve endured come to mind as well when listening to certain songs. Many explain what I think and how I feel better than I ever could.

With my first book, God and My Pillow, there is one song at the end that fits perfectly with my story. I heard it the first time when I was close to finishing my book. I melted as soon as it started. That song described perfectly how God held me, from beginning to end, during my entire ordeal. I made a decision when that last note played: I was going to put that song’s lyrics at the end of my book. 

Not to totally change the subject, but I am one who does a few-miles run every few days if, and only if, my iPod runs right along with me. I’d much rather hear my favorite songs instead of my feet pounding on the sidewalk. So there I was running one morning, song after song helping keep me up to the speed I knew I should go. While running, I was thinking about the next step I needed to take with my book, not really certain if that step was right or where it would take me.

I’m pretty much done now. What’s next? Oh Lord, help me know what I’m doing.

Then this song called Already There by Casting Crowns began, which I felt fit perfectly with what I was thinking. 

From where I’m standing
Lord it’s so hard for me to see
Where this is going
And where You’re leading me
I wish I knew how
All my fears and all my questions
Are gonna play out
In a world I can’t control

When I’m lost in the mystery
To You my future is a memorynotes
Cause You’re already there
Standing at the end of my life
Waiting on the other side
You’re already there

From where You’re standing
Lord, You see a grand design
That You imagined
When You breathed me into life
And all the chaos
Comes together in Your hands
Like a masterpiece
Of Your picture perfect plan

One day I’ll stand before You
And look back on the life I’ve lived
I can’t wait to enjoy the view
And see how all the pieces fit. 

Can I assume you can see why that is now one of my favorite songs? Of course I apply that to all my days, to all my wonders, to all the areas of my life. It meant a lot more to me then than before, confirming deep inside how God already knows what this adventure with my book holds. It’s part of His, as the words say, picture-perfect plans.

To get information about my book God and My Pillow, click  HERE .


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