My Son The Marine – One Year Later.


This week I want to share parts of what I wrote last year in September of 2015. I’ll tell you why at the end.

I Couldn’t help it. I had to open a journal today but that journal wasn’t mine. What? I’m reading someone else’s journal? Let me explain.

As you guys are aware, if you’ve read past blogs of mine, you know I’m one who has kept my own journal for eons. I also have kept one for each of my four children so that when they move out, they have memories that stood out right in their hands. Yep. I’ve cherished looking back, reading what they would some day read themselves. After all,  I doubt they would really remember the day they rolled over for the first time, or that first day riding their bike, or that first time they spent the night at Grammy and Grandpas. Actually, I think it was just for me to write it all down since so many parts of their life meant so much to me.

The journal I read today was my youngest’s; Carl. Why? Because in a few days my son proves he is no longer a little boy. Let me share with you the very first page of his journal which was actually written before he was even born.

December 7, 1996

A little pre-welcome to a little son God plans to let “pop” out of my tummy any time now. The due-date is in six days but hey, I’m ready whenever. This boy is one true wiggle worm inside. Having the boy get bigger inside Mommies tummy, as his big brother words it, hasn’t been too uncomfortable. — I still can’t believe this boy will arrive a few weeks before Christmas! What a true gift.

So what has me want you to read about Carl, you ask? Because in a few days I will be seeing my tiny wiggle worm, that was in my tummy almost nineteen years ago, graduate from the Marine Boot Camp as an official Marine. My little boy. The youngest of our four who has been gone thirteen weeks. Thirteen weeks that felt would never end. But it has! God has sure heard my many prayers for Carl’s sanity and safety these last thirteen weeks.

Yep. His family, Lord willing, will proudly be watching him march, alongside others, all dressed up, not just hoping some day to be a Marine, but as a Marine. Can’t wait!

I plan to browse through his journal these next few days knowing when I see him soon as a Marine, I’ll be keeping in mind that…he’s still my baby.


                               September 18, 2015 – Graduation from Boot Camp


I am not writing this just to reminisce on him graduating from boot camp one year ago on September 18, 2015, when he became an official Marine. Nope. I’m writing to share that, as of this last week, on September 15, 2016, my son officially reached his goal.   Carl became a Marine’s CH-53E Helicopter Crew Chief.


God kept guiding Carl through some intense training while hearing me pray for my son, who’s now a Helicopter Crew Chief I’m proud of… but who’s still my baby.

Are any of you parents of a child in the  military? Pass me a note about your child. After all, we’re all family.


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