Month: May 2016



I’m not saying WOW on Mother’s day because MOM upside down is WOW.   (even though I do think that is cool)

So then why am I saying WOW on Mother’s day? First, let me ask you a question. Have you ever felt you were hit with lightning when you woke up, thinking how this is your first Mother’s day with all of your kids moved out? If so, then you know why I’ve thought all day the word WOW. Today I woke up, thinking how this is not just Mother’s day but, as worded before, my first Mother’s day where all my four children are moved out.  WOW! 

But it’s not the WOW like I want to throw party favors while dancing all around this house, saying ‘Gi-Me-5’ to my husband fifteen times. Nope. WOW is said today because I’m still in awe when I read my journal from years back, feeling  like it was just last week when my kids were so young.

Cassie – five years old (first of four) -1992  — Cassie had a major event happen. SHE CAN RIDE HER BIKE! Thankfully, God used that as a way to show her His power. The day before she learned, Chris (Dad) and her prayed about it. The next day… SHE RODE ! After she did, she came to me and said “Mom, it’s because we prayed! God answered our prayer!” 

Trina – four years old (second of four) -1994 — Let me say, the reason I pulled the journal out is that I don’t want to forget what happened the night we got home from a prayer meeting.  All five of us go to the front door and Trina, out of the blue said, “I hope Penny didn’t get into something.” (Penny was our dog back then) We walked on in and Penny had her guilty look. Even Trina knew how to look around for something to explain why Penny wasn’t bouncing around. We couldn’t find anything wrong, thankfully, but I’ll never forget our natural Petersen talent of looking around.

Scott – two years old (third of four) -1995 — We are slowly getting Scott to sit a bit in church and oh, how sweet it was today. While the pastor was talking he said, “Amen.” As soon as he said that, Scott  echoed it calmly and sweetly. AW! It brought a lot of smiles from those sitting around us.

Carl – one month old (forth of, yep, four) – 1996 — You’d think, at Carl’s age, sleeping could be so much harder at night, but thankfully he only wakes up ONE TIME! It’s so easy compared to when all my others were his age. I’ve been spoiled.

Reading these now always causes me to think about life way back when. I can then picture it all happening, causing many thoughts to flow. Laughing inside often begins while picturing it all. I know I would never remember that certain event at all if I didn’t jot it down. Pen and paper are what God used for me to remember many precious happenings, big and small, of those four adorable reasons why I can be called  Mom.

I want to encourage anyone who does not keep a journal, and who’s kids are still home, to start one. Jot down those unforgettable times that take place, along with some of those mundane, everyday happenings. If you do, then you’ll be thinking what I think when ever I read them. “I’m so glad I wrote this down. Thank you God for my kids. You knew I needed them. WOW.”

-Scan 18