Month: October 2015

Time to Define Diary

Time to Define Diary.
Time to think back. Dec 25, 1979. How long ago was that. (where’s my calculator ? There it is.)  – 36. Yep. As of today’s date, Oct 20th, 2015, that was 36 years ago. Why do I ask? Just to note that it was almost 36 years year ago I wrote my very first page in my very first diary. But first, let’s talk about the word Diary. defines Diary as…
Diary [di-a-ry] : Noun –
1) A daily record, usually private, especially of the writer’s own experiences, observations, feelings, attitudes, etc.

2) a book for keeping such a record.

My definition is a bit different.

Diary [di-a-ry] : Noun –
1) Something you write down, when ever you feel like it, proving your thoughts of what to write changes as more days, weeks, and years go by.
2) Something you write down showing, when read years later, just how crazy you were.

Now, do I dare share with you what my first writing was to prove my definition.                  Oh, why not.

December 25, 1979. [twelve years old]
Well diary, today was Christmas. I got a lot of neat stuff like clothes, jewelry, a carbine lamp, calendar, makeup, perfume, and a few other things. But also this diary! I’m so happy. Today my family got really close. We told jokes, played games, and brought back memories. Today was great and I hope it continues. By until tomorrow.

Awe – wasn’t that adorable? Okay, maybe not ‘adorable’ but it was the first of many times writing my thoughts down in that special note book. Sure, breaks from writing were found a few years here-and-there but for the most part, I kept it going, even to this day. But time now to show why I gave ‘diary’ the definition I did.

February 14, 1980  [two months later]
Diary – Today Beth told Jeff that I like him. Chris was there, too. Then tonight Jeff, Chris, Paul, Beth, Sue, and I went to Skate King [The roller-skating place in town] Sue was with Jeff but nothing happened. I saw my brother there skating with his girlfriend. Jeff was acting different tonight. I hope he likes me. Sue is the only thing that is between me and him and that causes problems.
That’s about it. I’ll see ya tomorrow.

WHAT ?  I was only twelve ! Only three months it took for my diary to show that other side of me. Why not just a list of cool stuff I had? Why not just things my family did? Why not more profitable thoughts I was feeling at age twelve? Sure, there was still those type writings here-and-there but, if you read page after page, you would notice what had taken over most of my thoughts. And, actually, it didn’t just start changing those three months later. Nope. More like a few weeks!

What my good old diaries do for me now, beside make me laugh, is make me wish I had even a small fraction of my thoughts back then as I do now. Simply stated, part of dating is to get to know other people when you are ready to be serious,  which is hard to do if we don’t even know ourselves. We are not yet physically or emotionally stable while we are in our early teens to begin dating. It is wise to postpone to even think about dating until we have begun to figure ourselves out. Our bodies are going through massive changes. We simply don’t need to get involved romantically before we have, well, grown up!

Of course I didn’t think back then that I wasn’t  ready to get some type of a relationship going. (Sure glad my parents did, though.) Oh, how I wish I just stuck to what my diary had started with. Cool things, family, and hopes. Or, as my diary today often includes, my leaning on Christ in tough times, and thanking Him for the blessings He has  shown.

Advice – if you want a good laugh in years to come, then start a diary now.

Dear Diary....

Dear Diary….