Month: June 2015

Learn Something New Every Day

“Learn Something New Every Day” —

We’ve all heard that saying before. But when you go to a two full day book writers conference for the first time, not knowing but maybe one or two from the Writers Association you joined a few months prior, aiming to gain knowledge on the next step with a book you are so close to finishing, the saying ‘Learn Something New Every Day’ changes a hair.
‘Learn Oodles and Oodles of New Very Important Things in Two Days’.

It wasn’t so much on writing but what to do WITH your writing.
Marketing, blogging, proposals, platforms, branding. I gulped in all the facts about all these different aspects of getting a book published and, Lord willing, sold.

And then the people involved.
Publishers, editors, agents, writing clubs, and on and on and on. Meeting publishers and editors, and agents made it so much more real for me. Much advice was given and one of them requesting to see my book when done. I knew not to get my hopes up. I was not promised anything but I still had to glue my shoes to the floor when one requested to see by book when done.

Those speeches given for all to hear were gold indeed. Learning about the ‘tools’ needed when writing a book was my favorite, and sure filled a few pages in my notebook. (Lots of underlined words and exclamation points I might add) One ‘tool’ spoken of stood out. When writing, you need a saw. Whittling things down is needed to make that right sentence or word fit. Give your words the right style and by all means, get rid of things not needed. Another ‘tool’ was a Clamp. Hold yourself up and don’t give up. So many more ‘tools’ were covered in ways to make your book stand out. I just hope my ‘tool box’ is well loaded.

When that second day was all over, I just didn’t want to leave. So I stayed around and helped clean up. Not that left over lunch they had provided was offered for those who stayed to clean helped me decide to stay and help. No. Not at all 😉

Now sure, all that I learned and finally understood was consuming so much of my time, with thanks to God, on my drive home. But what stood out the most was thinking about the people I met. Many others in my shoes who also had a desire to put their heart on paper. Fiction, non-fiction, memoirs, devotions, – it didn’t matter. Sharing our reasons why we were writing and how we felt God wanted to use our writings had us all sort of, well, ‘click’. I know I’m not on my own anymore which really encouraged me to keep-on keeping-on. Many of these people I will see on a routine bases over this next year, and I can’t explain what a blessing that’s gong to be. Heck. A few are now even FB friends!

It feels so good to finally understood the different steps needed in getting a book signed, sealed, and, Lord willing, delivered. Not easy, and very time consuming it will be to meet my goal but that conference was, as a quote describes perfectly, ‘A God send’. But for me it’s not just a saying. Those words are perfect being as I thank God often for sending information about that conference my way at the perfect time.

So thank you North West Christian Writers Association, a group I am now part of, and all those who put the conference together. God still hears my thanks for you all.