Month: May 2015

Time To Think About Time


The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.
Better three hours too soon than one minute too late.
The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.

So many thoughts about ‘time’ lately has, well, taken up lots of my TIME.
Time goes by fast, yet sometimes slow, and driving home from a great family vacation last
week-end had me realize just how true that is.

Planning a family vacation started months ago and man, did it seem like it took forever until May 7, 2015 arrived; the day we took off. Everyone in their different family car, leaving at different times from different locations but to meet at the same spot. Seaside Oregon. Three nights & Four days was the plan for four families to meet. Moms, dads, sons, daughters, mother & father in-laws, son and sister in-laws, grand kids, cousins, grandparents, great grandparents, and aunts & uncles. Many of us were proud to have quite a few of those titles. One great gathering of 13 in all.

Time went by too fast for me though. Seems like as soon as we met at the six bedroom-three bathroom home we rented, about a block or so from the ocean, we were putting all of our things back together, loading up our cars to go home.
Time flew by too fast.

Now sure – I could type about the beautiful ocean we all enjoyed. I could describe how great it was to have felt that sun shining on us all as we watched the men try to pull up clams. You could read how all 13 of us savored those hours going here & there around town, doing this and that.

I could also talk about that last evening, as we were all around that camp fire. Perfect. I loved my grandkids ‘helping me’ make s’mores – a time I hope they will always remember. If you know me and how I cherish feeling warm, then you know why it was hard for me when we decided it was time to put that camp fire out.

I could say how all the food organizing went great as well. Preplanning on who brought what or who planned what meal for all to eat did wonders. However, those few meals we had out, all of us just gabbing away while those in a restaurant made the food sure was nice.

Back to ‘Time’ – I could tell you much more on just how that time was so valuable.
Family is gold.
But the main thing I wanted to share in my blog is why this valuable time was even planned.
You see, this Seaside vacation was put together because all of us may not have a chance to all be together for years.

Are you wondering why?

Our son Carl leaves for the honorable Marines Boot Camp for 13 weeks towards the end of June. Then after that, years he’s be gone. Too much uncertainty where he’d be or when he’d be home. This was our last time for us all to be together for perhaps years.

My son’s heart, soul, and mind has been set on joining the Military for years. Yes. For years.

When he was younger I always thought, ’Sure. Some time in the future maybe he’ll sort of still want to do something kinda like that.’
I was wrong. As years went by, he grew with determination.
Signing papers a year ago, my husband and I agreed to let our own son most likely to be in the Marines a year later. (which is now) A bit hard for me. But God’s plans come first. Carl’s studying and weighing the pros and cons of it all, along with being part of a the Civil Air Patrol for years, showed me how serious about it he really has been.

“I can’t believe I’m signing this. I can’t believe I’m signing this,” I thought while signing my name.

Him being promised the position of his choosing, along with having a Christian Sargent guiding him this last year, has kept me calmer than I thought I would be.
So this little vacation I have shared was sure great and unforgettable. However, the reason for this vacation was what consumed most of my time thinking in that car, on our way home.

My last words about time fit perfectly –

Yesterday’s the past, tomorrow’s the future, but today is a gift and why it’s called the present.